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“From small seeds of change, personal greatness grows”

Hi I'm Claire,

I empower women to become their goddess self. Igniting the fire of your internal essence, whilst building in confidence, to step into your dreams.

My Female empowerment coaching helps women to unlock their inner power by reuniting with themselves. Learning to listen to the voice of the soul, opens doors of opportunity and fulfilment for you. Life starts to flow with ease and latent gifts, talents and passions resurface to be nurtured and encouraged in creative ways. I help you achieve this through working on your personal development, allowing you the space to grow in all aspects of your life: physical, mental, and spiritual.

Life is not a "them" and "us" but a WE…

A harmonious, magical dance that balances the masculine and feminine.

Women globally are encouraged to reacquaint themselves with the power that lays within. To trust and act from intuition – To trust self and create the life you want.
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Aligned Leaders - #No. 1 International Bestseller

You will laugh, you will cry, you will heal, and you will surrender what no longer serves you. It truly is a book of healing magic, written with the soul purpose to inspire women globally to have the courage to be their authentic sometimes messy selves.
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Step into your power

Work with me in a non-judgemental environment in which to grow and excel your life. Through my life coaching, I can help you to take back control of your life and rid yourself of limiting beliefs and societal conditions that have held you back.


Home in on and discover what YOU want from life and how to make small yet hugely impactful changes so you are able to manifest with ease.


Healing tools and practices that eradicate childhood traumas and family dysfunction which negatively impact adult life.


Empaths, lightworkers and highly sensitive dispositions - begin to understand that your "being different" has a name and can be a magical gift.

Realistic actionable solutions

to life’s problems and challenges

As a Certified Life Coach, Reiki Master, Shamanic practitioner, EFT, Inner child and ho’oponopono practitioner, I have many tools with which to help you. I coach women all over the world to make the transformation to the realm of what you WANT to be doing in your life.

I can help you in a variety of methods from 1-to-1 coaching sessions to exclusive membership to our Athena Academy.



No messing coaching for those ready to WAKE UP!

Are you ready to step into the life you want and shake off the life you have? Ready to awaken your soul? My program takes you through specifically designed pillars of forward movement & healing.

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A hub to embrace your personal power & Live consciously!

Athena Academy has been designed for those whom seek learning in the fields of personal growth and development. Emotional intelligence, higher levels of consciousness and spiritual advancement. 

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Holistic Healing

Welcome to the Zen Den!
Natural medicine is a way of taking back control, being pro-active and regaining a sense of empowerment. I have a holistic and spiritual approach to wellness and health and offer therapies, personal growth and spiritual practice sessions in my Zen Den Clinic.
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I've helped women just like you
  • “It’s hard to put into words the overwhelming gratitude, bliss and amazement I feel for what Claire has brought forward to me.”

    Claire helped me gain clarity for what lies ahead of me and reassured me of my inner knowing in these personally very turbulent times. I absolutely recommend Claire. I’m beyond grateful. Thank you so much for your work and for your being, Claire!

    Julia Lo

  • “For me it gave me back my focus and I reassessed my values and now am living them even more on a daily basis with some nice additional ones thrown in.”

    I attended Claire’s, "Learn what your soul wants you to feel" course recently. This course delves into the nitty gritty of what’s holding you back, your view of reality and gives another perspective as you allow yourself to be very honest with yourself warts and all. As a coach it is always lovely to be on the receiving side and just allow. Claire holds the space really well for those going through a transformation and we all felt safe and relaxed with all the ladies on the course. It was fantastic to watch some of the women have quite a shift in not only their energy but perspective of their lives.

    Rachael Martin
    Ireland, UK

  • “A good life coach shows you the way, a great one changes your life. Claire Atyeo has literally changed my life.”

    Looking back a year ago, my life was a standstill. I had many emotional and mental blocks to work through. When I started coaching and healing with Claire, I slowly unpacked all the emotional burden I've been carrying around for years. She was patient, loving and caring - but most importantly, she believed in me and stood by when things got tough. I'm forever grateful that I found a great coach and a wonderful soul like Claire's to work with and I'm so proud and happy with the results I've achieved.

    Nesrine Makhlouf

  • “I would highly recommend!”

    I recently attended the course 'Learn what your soul wants you to feel ' run by Claire. It was a great series of sessions. As a group we all went on a personal journey of discovery. Having completed other courses, I truly enjoyed Claire's teaching style and the outcome was very interesting. I would highly recommend others to join upcoming courses with Claire to open up understanding of your inner being.

    Rachel May Wright

  • “It was a pleasure to work with Claire!”

    I had a session with Claire, and I was very happy with the results. She was able to pick up on quite a lot of issues that are currently troubling me, and some long-standing problems. I was then able to become more aware of deep seated “programming” and what I need to do in order to have relief from it. I was able to physically feel the energy shift while we were working together, and I could tell that Claire was also feeling what I was feeling. After the session I felt lighter and felt that my own perceptions of what my troubles are had been validated. I would highly recommend Claire’s services, she is calm, nurturing and always made sure I was feeling comfortable with what we were doing. It was a pleasure to work with Claire. Thank you so much, so very grateful

    Tracey Huddle

  • “My session with Claire was absolutely life changing!”

    I was so nervous because I am a very private person. However, from the moment she said "Hello", I felt my anxiety lessening. I was having a huge emotional and energetic block that was not allowing me to shine and live my life to the fullest. She helped me narrow down the cause and emotions that I was holding onto. With her calmness and loving energy, she was able to guide me to release the block and free me to just hold onto the LOVE. If you are feeling weighted by some issues in your life and don't know how to heal, please book with Claire - it will be so worth it. I cannot express my gratitude enough.

    Sommer J Satterlee

Athena Retreats

Explore inner depths
Join me and a like-minded, small group of women ready to ascend! I run beautiful retreats which hold a sacred space for you in which to explore inner depths, transform, break through the chrysalis and ascend to new heights.
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Oak Lore Duir

I have been guided to start this YouTube channel to help and serve others walking the path of spirituality by sharing my experiences, the tools, modalities, practices that I do, that helps to keep me balanced in all areas of life.
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