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I believe that disease stems from dis-ease within the energetic body. And that emotional and energetic healing is an essential element to personal growth. Through my own journey and experiences, I have learnt that the bodies energies need to be continually circulating to achieve growth, change and to provide fruitful manifestation.

I have also learnt that life’s harder aspects can create a heaviness within that energy, a weighing down, which slows or even blocks the circulating energy. Resulting in us, feeling stuck, unclear, unsure and in some instances unable to make good/healthy choices for ourselves.

As an RGN with 20+ years’ experience, I found conventional medicine restrictive, and so moved into the fields of Holistic Health and Wellbeing.

Whether you are seeking a life style change, have a desire to learn new healthy habits or a new way of being, maybe you need assistance to maintain balance or want to express self love and appreciation through spiritual practices, Zen Den Clinic is here to help. With an extensive array of modalities, programs and treatments to suite all needs, there is something for everyone.
Natural medicine is a way of taking back control, being pro-active and regaining a sense of empowerment.
You take charge of YOUR health and well-being. You learn to communicate with your body, acknowledge it's uniqueness. And take the steps needed to maintain a healthy equilibrium. More info on natural medicine can be found here.

Therapies, Personal Growth & Spiritual Practices

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EFT Tapping

Tapping is a needle-less form of acupuncture, combined with modern psychological techniques. This treatment has phenomenal success with alleviating phobias, cession of habits like smoking, comfort eating. Furthermore it is an extremely power treatment for anxiety, stress and damaging behavior patterns like emotional additions.
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Reiki Healing

Reiki works by channeling positive healing energy into the body. Assisting the body’s natural healing processes, on all levels. Emotional, mental, physical and spiritual . It is deeply relaxing, assisting people to better cope with difficult situations, emotional stress and improving overall well-being. It has also been found very beneficial in aiding grief.
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Sound Therapy

This is such a beautiful and gentle form of healing. Re-balancing and relaxation. Through the instruments used and intentions set, we alter your bodies vibration and thus alter your emotional state. Sound therapy is one of the most ancient yet profound forms of nature medicine. A gentle healing in which you leave feeling completely pampered.
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Otherwise know as regression therapy. A gentle yet profound way of addressing childhood issues that effect you now! Beliefs, values, our personalities are effected by our perceptions of the world we found ourselves in as children. If you lack confidence, find yourself unable to speak up. Shy away from or have anxiety in situations then this therapy will liberate you from those restrictions and give you the power to project the true you.
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Emotional Kinesiology is an amazingly powerful form of energy healing for those that have difficulty vocalizing their pain. Or have a dominant left hemispheric personality. This therapy removes the egos ability to intervene, allowing the freedom to access and remove energetic blocks which are interrupting your nature flow and growth. It uses muscle monitoring to assess your mental/emotional/spiritual state of being.
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1: 1 Meditation

Learn to meditate with 1:1 bespoke guided meditations, choose between healing or spiritual advancement. Each meditation will be unique and bespoke to your needs, wishes and desires. Great for beginners and those wishing to take their spirituality the the next level. Our physical realities and health change’s once we learn how to connect to the divine unconditional love of source. Once you master meditation life becomes abundant.
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Life Coaching

“My eyes on your life”- I’ll help you to understand your why’s. While looking at what you actually want from your life, what’s going on inside your head and most importantly, how you can start making changes that don’t have you heading for the hills. Yes you could do it yourself, with all the self help books, YouTube videos and social media jam packed full of HOW TO information and YET you haven’t! The question is are you ready to change your life, your story, your Crap?
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Spiritual Coaching

Spirituality is a personal, individually defined way of connecting with God, Source, the Universe, Spirit, or an all-loving Divine energy that is within everyone and everything. I aspire to connect you to a definition of spirituality the is uniquely YOU – fits yours powers and gifts. Perhaps your definition involves religion; or it involves a sacred spiritual practice, perhaps it is without words, maybe you don’t know yet? Together we discover that.
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Shamanic Power Animal

Discover your power animal, or invoke the animals to assist you. This wonderful Shamanic session of discovery is truly a spiritual connection like no other. Talk, walk, and even ride with the animals that resonate with your soul. Allow them to assist you through the journey of life.
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How to find us

All services are provided on-line via video conferencing. Appointments are made via the sites booking system. Payment is required on booking, unless otherwise stated. Some appointments require consultation, these are free of charge. When entering the booking system, no payments are taken until you have chosen an appointment slot. Only then will the payment options be shown. Payments can be made by all major debit or credit cards .

For further information or you require an emergency appointment. Please use the contact page, stating your requirements, we endeavor to respond within 24hrs.

Or alternatively Tel: +34 638541110 leaving a message and contact details.

Terms & Conditions

All bookings are pre-paid and only confirmed on receipt of payment.
Less than 24 hours cancellation notice of appointment will be counted as a session.
No refund is available to no show.