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A sacred safe space in which to become empowered and walk your truth

Opening Athena Events doors in Oct 2017 was my first big conscious manifestation. The dream of providing a place where women could explore their inner depths, transform, and ascend to new heights.

Become a master of your own destiny

The creation of Athena programs came into being, by observing patterns and similar themes reoccurring within the lives of coaching clients. Patterns I myself had identified with and worked through on my empowerment journey. The goal was to create programs that didn’t just achieve set goals or problem solve. I wanted to create programs that empowered and equipped women to become masters of their own destiny.

Coaching, healing & spiritual development

I, myself had been forced to make choices between healing and coaching, juggling the finances, which and when? Having full comprehension that I needed both. Especially if I was going to achieve the shift so desperately needed/wanted.

It is for this reason that all the programs offered are specifically designed to incorporate coaching, healing and spiritual development, the essential elements necessary to facilitate rapid and lasting personal growth.

What Athena has to offer

Personal growth, joy, happiness, a sense of belonging, spiritual awakening and ultimately LOVE.

My whole life has been that of service, but only in 2014 did I start to align with my true self, my calling. During which time I changed direction, from providing clinical care to providing holistic care and support.

My own journey has taken me through a maze of self-development, discovery and divine connection. With innate gifts started to resurface after years of being buried within. This led me back to shamanism and druidism (which are really one in the same). With a long ancestral lineage that spans the globe, I draw upon their energies and guidance to better serve women whom are drawn to work with me.


With a natural ability to communicate easily, coupled with positive energy and enthusiasm, I aim to inspire even the most timid of individuals.

It was amazing; I wish it was longer!
Crystal, Canada
Claire taught me to appreciate, value and love myself.
Victoria, Germany
It changed my life!
Sylvia, Sweden
I'm a changed person!
Lys Claudi, USA