Love & Above is not just a trendy state of mind.

Posted 28 August 2021

It’s a foundation for living.

In this article, I will look at the dynamics of the phrase love and above. And share why I believe it is a fundamental component of attaining and maintaining a fruitful existence. AKA living not just existing.

But first, it’s important to understand that everything we perceive to be real, is done so through a complex network of frequency transmissions. In which we receive and transmit the information as energy beings.

And by being energetic beings, we each have a personal vibrational frequency on which we function. This personal frequency is based upon our past and current thoughts, beliefs, values, and worth. Basically, what and how we think about ourselves and the environment we place ourselves in, generates our personal frequency.

Dr. David Hawkins created through his writings, a bridge between psychological academic research and general public understanding. He, as Carl Jung before him, continued the valuable study of the human experience and our relationship with a higher source.   Essentially reuniting the mind, body, and spirit through the mapping of the human consciousness. It’s through this mapping that we have the Omega Consciousness Scale and the subject matter of this article.

So, what is the Omega Consciousness Scale and where does Love and Above fit in?

The scale aka levels of consciousness was developed through the measured outcomes of Kinesiology testing, (I’m not covering Kinesiology in this article, but I have included a link for those who wish to learn more.)

Dr. Hawkins’s map offers us 17 levels of consciousness and showed that the average un-awakened human would bounce between three or four of these levels. Each was given an emotional state of being and the frequency at which that emotion vibrates. In short, the emotions that we feel, the thoughts that we have determined where we find ourselves on the scale, and thus the frequency we emit.

At the time of the study, it was found that most of us vibrate at 250 or less, due to an accumulation of unresolved emotional responses, which in turn blocked our energy flow. Subconscious thought patterns/ programs resulting in false beliefs of self, hinder us greatly from reaching and sustaining the higher vibrations.

It is from this understanding; we have in recent years witnessed a massive increase in personal development and energy healing modalities. But putting the mental health and personal development aspects aside. I will, in my humble capacity endeavor to share why I believe it is a fundamental component of attaining and maintaining a fruitful existence.

Frequency platform foundation on which we build our lives – This diagram covers the basics, work, partner, home, family.

Observe the diagrams above

And you will see the circumference base of person A, living in a frequency of fear, and person B, living in a frequency of courage. As you can clearly see person B has a greater circumference (foundation) on which to build his life. It needs to be interjected here that person A doesn’t necessarily feel he has a bad life! He easily enjoys life within the confines of his belief of what joy is…

But as person A continues through life and follows the formalities of societal expectations: – finding a partner, starting a family, needing/wanting a bigger home. He will begin to encounter difficulties because there is no base circumference surplus. The only option is to build on top of, rather than expand. Whilst person B can comfortably expand within their foundational circumference, he too in time will also start to feel the restrictions.

Obviously, there are many other factors that also come into play. For example, if our predominant energy is fear we will attract more situations that confirm that fear-based thinking, adding to worries, tension, and stress. But in this article, it is with intention I focus solely on the foundation platform.

We all understand the force of gravity and that layering structure upon structure creates pressure… I believe that these pressures are the root cause of stress, and if continued mental and/or physical ill-health develops. If truly blessed and fortunate we get, what I like to refer to as, “a tower moment!” Whereby everything comes crashing down around you. I say fortunate because although dramatic, and often traumatic, the individual has the option to choose between reset or rebuild.

Do we press reset and renew a cycle in which we already know, understand, and feel comfortable within? Even with the knowledge, it has limitations. Or do we rebuild, recognizing we need to make changes and step into unknown waters, moving away from zone conformity and/or comfort, with no guarantees? But with an open expanse of possibilities, dreams, and desires– Move towards the frequency of Awareness.

We have all heard of the midlife crisis

I believe that this phenomenon exists not due to age, but due to a calling of a person’s higher consciousness. An inner knowing that we are not living our full potential. But without conscious awareness, we as individuals seek validation and gratification from our environment in a yearning to fill the void. Not understanding that inner work is what the higher mind is requiring.

Once we do awaken to our awareness and start to take responsibility and action. We almost instantly increase our vibrational blueprint. Even at the level of acceptance, we instantly become less stressed. Coupled with a program of healing to release unresolved emotional conflicts, and we stop being triggered by things that are out of our control.

Life starts to feel comfortable, joyful and thus it becomes easier to embrace the concepts of unconditional love and forgiveness. A massive foundational platform on which to excel and expand within every aspect of life.

When at the level of unconditional love there is no sense of lack. We innately start to follow a pathway of being of service to humanity, the planet, or both. We become a magnet to the things we truly desire and start living our souls’ mission. And in doing so master the art of manifestation. A universal right of passage as it were because the higher consciousness (or god) dependent on your beliefs, knows whatever you create from this frequency will be for the good of all.

Love & Above… Sounds good doesn’t it?

So, let’s look at how can we get there..

Reaching the higher vibrations is not difficult, we often do it naturally, what proves challenging is its sustainability. And that takes personal commitment and dedication. What’s required is persistence, repetitive and sometimes seemingly boring, unproductive action., and so massive amounts of patience is also required. 

Hence many give up before the finish line. But I can guarantee if you persist the rewards far outweigh any perceived sacrifice.

Below you will find a quick list of activities

To first increase your vibration to love and above and then sustain them. This is by no means a comprehensive list, it is in fact, my personal list in which I used to raise my vibrations and still use to strengthen my sustainability.

As promised here is the link to learn more about kinesiology

If you have enjoyed this blog and found it helpful please leave your comments. Tell me how the information is being used, let me celebrate your wins with you…

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