The Complete Guide To The 12 Chakras For Beginners

Posted 31 March 2021

Most people have an idea of the seven Chakras but did you know there are 12 that encapsulate the body, mind, and spirit of the physical body? Each having a vital role to maintain health and well-being.

In this article you will enter the world of chakras, what they are, how they work, how they have an impact of your life and wellbeing. Why Chakras get blocked and more importantly how to clear them.

At the end of this article you will find a FREE 12 Chakra cleansing and clearing meditation. There are many ways to unblock chakras but personally I find a for a general clean out and tune up, the Tibetan bowl sound bath to be the quickest and most effective.


What are Chakras?

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning “wheels”, I would add of light and colour or if you want to get super tech, the colour of light!

Seven are part of our physical being, with another 5 within our energetic body. (These are the ones that we know of and understand at present).

These wheels are also known as the body’s vortexes or portals, each having a role within our anatomy, physiology and esoteric functions.

Learning your Chakras, understanding their functions empowers YOU to understand yourself and your environment in greater depth. It also empowers you to take greater control of your personal/spiritual development, health and wellbeing.

How do Chakras work?

Think of the wheels, like a revolving door continually spinning. Taking in information and giving out information to and from your auric field. People visualize them in different ways, I visualize a whirlpool, others lotus flowers. No matter how you see them, they are the second layer (sorting depots) of energetic information. The energetic body gathering and projecting information from and to our physical environment.

Basically, think of the chakras as the first process of converting energetic vibrations into tangible information (emotions).

Each chakra has a specific role and is responsible for a set of emotions. Healthy, fully functional chakra pulls vibrational information from the environment into its correct chakra so it can be processed and converted into an emotional language which our minds understand.

Why do chakras get blocked?

If you think of the vibrations as letters entering a postal sorting depot, then the letters addressed properly get shipped to its correct destination but if an address is only partial then the depot has to work out were its supposed to send it.

If you receive lots of letters with no addresses or only partial addresses, the system starts to become blocked and letters get sent incorrectly, i.e. you process the environmental information incorrectly!

The same is so if the sorting machinery isn’t at full running capacity, the system becomes backlogged and information that was supposed to be received into one chakra gets redirected to the next most appropriate but in transition information is lost. 

How does this impact on our life and wellbeing?

If you’re not receiving the information as it was intended, then potentially your response will also be incorrect, causing poor communication, even arguments and discord. Your judgement of others, the situation, how they see you, how you see them will also be affected.

As will holding negative experiences, which also serve to block or slow the charka. In this instance you automatically increase the likelihood of interpreting the information incorrectly tenfold!  As you are already in flight or fight mode from the stored negative experience coupled with the incorrect interpretation of new information being received. Its for this reason huge emphasis is placed upon clearing and cleansing the energetic body.

What and where are the chakras?

The 7 physical body ChakrasPosition
Base or Root – (Muladhara)Bottom of the tailbone
Sacral – (Swadhisthana)5/6 cm below the belly button
Solar plexus – (Manipura)6/7 cm above the belly button
Heart – (Anahata)In the chest, around the heart space
Throat – (Vishuddi)Middle of the throat
Forehead or third eye – (Ajna)Between your eyes & extending to pineal gland
Crown – (Sahasrara)Very top of your head
The 5 energetic body ChakrasPosition
The universal heartSlightly above and towards the back of the head
The earth Star30 cm below the feet
The cosmic heartIn-between the throat and heart Chakra
The soul Star18 cm above your head
The stellar gateway30 cm above your head

In my next post I will share what each chakra represents, share how to detect if a chakra is blocked, closed, underactive or overactive and the type of actions you can take to regulate or clear them.

In the meantime, here is link to the promised FREE clearing and cleansing meditation…

Blessings and good fortune


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