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My journey to self love

If you are a woman then you will be no stranger to self-sacrifice… But is it functioning for you?

I found it wasn’t, it took three burnouts and emotional despair before I recognized that something needed to change. An epiphany if you like that if I wanted to see different results, I needed to do things differently.

But where to start?

As most of us do when unhappy, I changed career, I changed address, I changed partners, moved countries, I looked outside myself. Right, because that’s what society teaches us? But my state of happiness would only rise for a short period before all the old issues, challenges and problems would come crashing down again.

Until I looked inward until I started honestly examining what I wanted, not what was needed but what I truly wanted from my life. Scary as hell let me tell you because all the thoughts of family responsibility hit first, then the mean inner self-talk, “why do you think you’re so important”?

But once I pulled up my big girl pants and braved the imagined pending storm, I was showered by one magical surprise after another.

My journey was a radical shake-up, being a typical scorpion I’m no stranger to tower moments but I don’t recommend that path.

NO, there is a gentler, more loving, and caring pathway to change, that starts with self-love and self-care. Small but persistent and sustainable changes to your daily routine will help you get to where you want to be

What's in the workbook?

I have put together a free coaching workbook just for you, my fellow sister!

Which includes:

  • A what’s functioning and what’s not section
  • The phoenix rises truth bombs
  • Positive affirmations
  • An in-depth look at current routine and habits
  • A reflective section on internal energy vampires
  • Relationship detox
  • Planner
  • Journal (daily and weekly)
  • 3-minute self-esteem exercise
  • Vision board

Why am I giving away such a valuable resource?

Because for centuries the divine masculine has been dominating and manipulating the perception of femininity. And whilst divine feminine is indeed innately the nurturer, the giver, she was never meant to be enslaved into a cycle of Masculine domination.

I am talking energies here.

But it is fair to say that those energetic dynamics have created a society where women need to fight harder and longer to attain the same recognition as that of their male counterparts.

Much of the reasoning behind this is both men and women globally are not energetically balanced. And as history clearly shows if positive change is to be brought into reality then it’s the divine feminine that needs to make the first move.

We can sit on the fence, complain and blame men for injustice and unfairness of the situation or we can take action and start to bring about balance in our personal lives, which will create a ripple and awakening within the divine masculine.

Plus, I adore watching women transform and excel in ways they never permitted themselves to even consider.


Download the free workbook