Scorpio New Moon 2021 Massive Awakening

Posted 27 October 2021

We all know by now new moons are a time for opening, transforming, and receiving but the energetic power coming from this 2021 Scorpion new moon will blow your mind!

The scorpion new moon has always been a powerful one, but this year’s planetary alignments and numerology bring in a power that starts the wheels in motion for massive positive change both personally and globally.

First, let’s look at the numerology and planetary alignments

The date of this year’s 2021 Scorpio New Moon is 4th November, if we equate this 4+1+1+2+0+2+1= 11. Eleven represents the psychic master in numerology, the gateway of intuitive insights. Scorpio is a water sign, deeply connecting us to emotions and our emotions being the driving force of our intuition. We can attain empowerment through listening to our intuition at this time. So, I highly recommend you take the time to meditate, preferably a silent meditation. Give yourself the space to tune into the incoming information that will be waiting for you. Also remember to journal, as not everything received will be understandable in the moment.  

The new moon is coming in at 12 degrees another important factor. As 12 is the number of being the student. Learning to be of service rather than being servants, the flip side of our history thus far. And a real kick-starter for the age of Aquarius. Changing the paradigm and matrix of our social structure has us enslaved in a cycle of work to live, rather than live to serve. Now I’m not saying we will evolve into the new order overnight; it will still take many years but what I want to convey is that the energies necessary to ignite these changes come in with this full moon.  But how much oxygen are you going to give it to start the fire?

Not only is the new moon at 12 degrees but it is also opposite at 12 degrees to Uranus. Uranus is the questioning planet, showing us that the Aquarius awakening is really starting to come into play. As we progress through the month into the eclipse session the planetary alignments move. Shifting to Taurus in Scorpio, providing us with the energy to fully step away from fear.

In short, the energies from these alignments mean that Uranus first has us questioning what’s important, what do we value. Taurus focuses on abundance, joy, happiness, and freedom, the tangible. Whilst eleven encourages us to be more introspective, true to ourselves. Listening more to the needs of the soul, rather than the needs of the physical body. Whilst 12 encourages us to be open to a new way of being, the desire to learn. With Scorpio driving the awareness of wanting to be empowered rather than being managed.


Scorpio New Moon 2021 What does it have to offer us

Being a water sign Scorpio thrives on honoring the emotions, acting from intuition, responding to gut instinct. Mars the original ruler of Scorpio, adds even more energy being the planet of instinct. Mars only become the ruler of Aries once Pluto was discovered, so Mars still lends its energy to Scorpio. It also so happens to be residing in Scorpio astrologically this month, serving to intensify those intuitive energies, co-incidence? I think not!

 Scorpio will have us observing, but not necessarily sharing what we observe. These observations will have us questioning our realities. Are we attached to the hierarchy paradigm of the old or are we ready/ willing to break free and create a new reality for ourselves?

Pluto once discovered was given as the ruling sign of Scorpio because of its transformative power/energy.  Scorpio is known for its perpetual transformative abilities, its role to discover and uncover the truth which leads to transformation. Scorpio carrying that Mars energy, the warrior within has no fear when seeking truth. A Scorpio will happily go where even angels fear to tread. For Scorpios such as myself, it does mean we spend most of our lives being public enemy number one. But it’s through this persistent truth-seeking that facilitates the veils of darkness and deceit to tumble. Whether internal or external… “There’s no place to hind when Scorpio’s energy is in town!”

This Scorpio New Moon gives us a beautiful gift of divinely crafted instructional guidance from intuition facilitating personal empowerment and alignment. But take note, being the deepest of the water signs, the energy will dig deep into your subconscious. Pull out all your secrets, power struggles, control issues, intentions that are not from a place of a higher good. Aka dreams and desires formulated from a materialistic mindset. Basically, all the bs that we tell ourselves due to programming and conditioning, rather than heart and soul knowing. “Sounds harsh right?”

Well, it can be if you are not willing to surrender to the energy. But here’s the great thing about Scorpio energy – it doesn’t judge, it’s not here to hurt you, it’s here to nurture, to uplift, to clean, clear, and cleanse. So you can become the enlightened, empowered soul you truly are – “That seeking truth!”

In summary

This new moon is the starting line of massive future change. How quickly the changes kick in will be dependent on how attuned you are to the energies. And how willing you are to surrender, where you are currently at on your awakening journey and how far you are willing to go on that journey. Within the spirituality circuit, we ask those that have done the inner work to hold a loving space for those about to embark. It’s important to remember that you chose a spiritual path, you chose ascension, you chose to change. Soon the rest of humanity will be experiencing change they didn’t ask for, they didn’t choose and so less likely to surrender. They will be unaccustomed to facing their shadow selves, so will need your light, support, and unconditional love.

Questions to ask of self to maximize the energies during this Scorpio New Moon

  • What thought patterns no longer serve me?
  • What relationships need to be set free?
  • Where do I continue to attach my energy even though I know it’s not reciprocated?
  • Why do I do that, what belief or program am I running that stops me from fully honoring myself?
  • What do I want my life to feel like in six months?
  • Why – how does that serve me?
  • Do I fully embrace the fact I am an infinite being?
  • What does that look like for me?
  • Are there any hidden limitations now visible from the previous question?
  • What do I need right now?
  • Why do I feel I need it?
  • What do I desire right now?
  • Why do I desire it – what do I perceive it will give me?
  • Why do I want that?
  • What are my core values?
  • Does my current situation allow me to honor those core values?
  • If not, why not?
  • What action can I take to change that?

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  1. Is this just for scorpios? How does this affects others who aren’t scorpios? I’m an Aries and appreciate this information I’m not familiar with astrology other than knowing my sign.
    How can I learn more?

    1. Post

      Hi Ashley,
      No, the new moon is in the sign of Scorpio the information is for all signs. You can learn more by following my blogs and by joining me on any of my social media platforms. I specialize in Female Empowerment – I’m not an astrologer, but I follow astrology so I can write posts that better prepare us to maximize the energies available.

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