Lunar Eclipse in Taurus 19th Nov 2021

Posted 16 November 2021

The Taurus Lunar eclipse is here to help us cement the new frequencies into place for future generations!  If you follow my blog, my last post looked at the energies of the New moon at the beginning of the month. Where I discussed stepping into a kick start of monumental global change, energetically speaking. Many of you felt the shift, some understood it. And took the time to do the inner work needed to recalibrate and integrate the new frequencies.

On the 19th Nov we have yet another powerhouse of energy we can use to propel humanity into even greater expanded consciousness

Let’s take a look at the numerology and planetary alignments of this Lunar Eclipse

The full moon lunar eclipse happens on the 19th, 1, and 9 the double-edged sword of beginnings and endings. The ending of the old, and the beginning of the new.  In the month of November, 11 double one, usually being called “The illuminator”, “The Messenger” and/ or “The Teacher”. A karmic master number illuminating the principles of spiritual awakening and enlightenment. 2021 adding to 5 the number of changes, exploration, pushing of boundaries. And bringing into reality new ideas, new ways of being. As a spiritual number, it represents the grace of God.

With both Taurus and Scorpio being fixed signs means it’s making things REAL, it’s grounding the energies so they last. Taurus is governed by Venus and deals with love, values, beauty, pleasure, artistic expression, self-expression, self-worth, and esteem. Not only that but being so grounded it governs, money, wealth, abundance, security, personal resources, and intimate relationships. Basically, we are receiving energies that magnify the three physical body chakras of I am.

Personal evaluation is the key element of these energies

What/who are you choosing to be, how are you showing up for yourself?  Being an earth sign Taurus will also bring a greater sense of appreciation and gratitude. We become more inclined to see and enjoy the natural elements of life. Allowing us to flow more naturally with the cycle of life. Being a slow-moving planet provides us with the time to integrate the changes we are wanting to make.

Feels intense just reading about it, right?

But here’s the extra kick of this lunar eclipse. It T squares to Jupiter, meaning whatever we focus on will be ENHANCED. Scorpio brings in the emotional aspect needed for manifestation. Then adds the eclipse and the enhanced focused manifestation intention becomes intensified even further! What we desire, what we want to create, what we want our lives to look like, feel like, how we want our planet to evolve should be driven by PASSION, by JOY, and by LOVE.

We also have Mars opposite Uranus

This is massive with both being quick-moving planets. Mars being the driving force, the action taker, and Uranus being intuitive allows us to move through what no longer functions… These breakthroughs can and will see a cause and effect reaction; Moving past and away from what no longer functions, what no longer serves. So be prepared for unexpected change, breakups, moving, job losses… But don’t fight this! Know it’s happening because there’s something better waiting to come in. Something that is more aligned to who you are, who you want to be or do.

The global impact of these energies will trigger humanity to start seeking what truly inspires. Breaking away from societal restrictions and control, the masses start to plant the seeds of the desired change.

Venus ruler of Taurus is also in trine

Which acts as the light bringer, to what could otherwise be a difficult full moon to navigate! Venus has us wanting to play, to be creative, allowing us to learn how to balance work and play. Gaining the understanding that time out, time to self with no expectations, no deadline, doesn’t stop the world from spinning. Energetically teaching us to return to the heart center, even if for just ten, fifteen minutes each day. It’s from this space we become our most creative and it’s from heart-centered creative thought, we affect positive change.

Lunar Eclipse In summary

This eclipse session in Scorpio and Taurus is with us for the next 18 months. So we have plenty of time to assimilate and reprogram the physical mind with a healthier, more balanced way of living. Pluto is the ruling planet of Scorpio is also in trine to the moon. Meaning we have a greater willingness to release and let go, AKA the action needed/taken (Mars) to transmute (Scorpio) what no longer serves (Taurus). And to start to step into our true selves – our soul selves (Venus and Pluto) the transformation of self (Scorpio).

We take a more balanced approach to life (Venus) which has us creating from the heart space. Connecting us in a greater way to the divine. And thus the veils of deceit both personal and societal will start to dissolve. As these veils dissolve, we gain the greater understanding that we create our realities. So the fear of lack no longer holds us captive. We start to take grounded and balanced responsibility for our abundance (Taurus). Whilst becoming emotionally mature (Scorpio).

One last aspect I would like to mention is the closeness of this eclipse to the Pleiades. Otherwise, known as the seven sisters – I personally do not feel it’s a coincidence. But their influence on these current changes has not gone unnoticed but warrants a blog post of their own.

Things to remember over the coming year/s

Our ability to manifest is now easier than ever. But with that comes the huge responsibility to be mindful of our thought processes and review the programs, beliefs, and values we are running our lives from.

The universe has granted us the opportunity to create the lives we truly desire. It is our responsibility to take the action required to bring ourselves into soul alignment.

Collectively we have the energies available to change the face of humanity, to make history in a positive and impactful way. We now have the ability like never before, to break away from the old controlling and fear-driven paradox. From where we can build a future where compassion replaces fear, unity replaces singularity, and love replaces hate.

Blessings to you all,

If you felt a stirring whilst reading this blog, a sense of inner knowing that now is your time – but feel you need guidance, then please feel free to reach out. Links below to book a discovery call or chat with me via messenger.



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