How to Overcome Adversity

Posted 21 June 2021

This post is for those of you that have been knocked sideways from the mercury retrograde! Those of you where situations and people have left you with the challenge to overcome the adversity of the energies it created and for those that your eyes have been forced wide open.

Here is my how-to guide to overcome adversity whilst keeping your heart space wide open, so you continue to receive the blessings and manifestations you have been working towards.

And just so you know this is not an academic exercise, I’m right here with you, going through it as I write, practicing what I preach!

Be honest with yourself, your feelings matter, don’t get hung up on what other people may think or say – people-pleasing is probably what got you here in the first place, not having those difficult conversations because you didn’t want another to feel hurt by your words of truth.

Understand and believe that you matter, stop with the second-guessing, worrying if you are doing the right thing, being too hasty in your decision – remember what is truly meant for you will always be returned to you.

Be realistic there is only so much you can do in any given situation; remember we can only affect change within our being. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink it! So, if you know in your heart that you tried everything you possibly could and now need to move forward alone then do so. Make this a time about you, cut back on the deadwood, the burdens that you carry which are not even yours, return them to its original owner/s, Think of it as pruning – plants are a great example to gain a better understanding – we cut back plants in the garden because we understand by doing so, we encourage greater growth and blossoming.

Give yourself time, one clear decision at a time, AKA one decisive step at a time. You don’t have to act on them immediately but start clearing the path in the mental body. You can do this by meditating, reconnecting with your child self – what were your dreams, hope, and wishes way back when? Allow yourself to have fun, life is supposed to be enjoyed even when challenged, and laughter is such a magical medicine as is love… Remember just because something didn’t work out or needs to end, you can still do so from a place of love. Yes, is it easier to get angry, lay blame, and become judge and jury, of course, it is. But understand it is only a distraction from feeling the pain of the situation. Don’t miss the gems and pearls of wisdom that are ours to learn and which can only be retrieved from within the pain.

Clear the emotional body, this is essential to overcome adversity and many forget to do this! They make the physical changes, and embark on the next chapter of their journey, only to find further down the path, history repeats itself! And this is because often we hold onto the past, we hold the pain which keeps us emotionally invested in the past and we all know by now where focus goes energy flows! This ties in with number 4, provide yourself with the space to feel the pain, collect the gems and heal, with love. No regrets, no sorrow, no what-ifs.

Is it hard? Of course, it is but will it be worth it, I believe so… I believe I AM worth it; I believe that my dreams, hopes, wishes, and desires are important. Do You?

If you do, here is a great mantra to keep you focused and motivated.

I am… Ready to open myself to the higher blessings that are awaiting me.

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