Awaken the Goddess within...

4-Day Female Emotional Healing, Inner Connection course

Relax, re-charge and rediscover yourself, develop spiritual connection and emotional wellbeing in a healing environment.

Claire is the principal teacher and creator of Athena's retreat program. Her passion for psychology and esoteric philosophy, coupled with being a natural born healer and life coach has been her driving force.

To step into the power of the inner goddess, is to step into the full depth and range of self...

She's sassy, sexy, unapologetic, wild, confident and free. And yet, she's loving, nurturing, kind and compassionate. Within each woman lays a diva waiting to be released, but first she must be healed, loved, cherished and acknowledged.

Athena Retreats believes every woman should have the opportunity to awaken the goddess energy that lays within and assists women to step into that power by combining a specifically designed coaching program, with natural healing.

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Event Highlights

  • Develop bonds of understanding, change mindset and subconscious programming through group activities.
  • Sisterhood, bringing in the divine feminine energy and learn to listen and trust it. (red tent effect).
  • Self-care review, maintenance and development of routine so you always feel revitalized.
  • Spiritual energy therapies, clearing, cleansing, repairing and strengthening both your physical and etheric system.
  • Daily healing Mantras
  • Tibetan singing bowl bath - Take your relaxation to new levels, whilst balancing Chakras
  • Together we create a sacred and safe space in which to get to know the inner goddess.
  • Inner child soul connection and healing.
  • Learn and receive energy healing modalities.
  • Coaching through false preconceptions of self.
  • Cord cutting and karmic clearance from toxic relationships, (self and others).
  • Experience shamanic journeying


of this course
  • Rediscover yourself after too long of feeling disconnected
  • Develop spiritual connection and discover your authentic soul self
  • Develop a spiritual and emotional wellbeing foundation
  • Give yourself some space to heal (physically and or emotionally)
  • A model for living with peace in your heart, not just surviving
  • Relax, re-charge, recuperate and re-unite yourself with the true YOU
  • Learn to live life from a place of love
  • Foundational understanding of your energetic body

Daily Program uk time

  • 09:30

    Healing Mantra + Movement Ceremony
  • 09:45

    Sacred Circle - healing, meditation, or journeying
  • 11:45
  • 12:00
    Inner acquaintance, understanding soul emotional needs
  • 13:30
    Creative Connection
  • 14:15
    Closing song + Movement Ceremony
  • 14:30

Is the course right for me?

If you are tired of struggling with anxiety, are heartbroken, have insecurities, feel emptiness or are engaging in relationships or behaviours that just hurt you.

If you have been doing your best to cope and hold it all together but feel there is MORE to life than what you are presently experiencing this is the retreat for you!

The COVID lock downs although challenging, has given many the opportunity to breath, to slow down, to really look at life and to look at the way they are living it... Many finding they didn't like what they see! And driven to discover how they can change, how they can heal, how they can bring greater love and simplicity into their lives - whilst keeping it real!

This Retreat shows you how to achieve those changes. And gives you the knowledge and tools so you can continue healing, empowering and enlightening your life well after the course has been completed.

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Are you ready?
Are you are ready to take your life to the next level and leave the past behind, take those insecurities, doubts, fears and fruitless relationships and disintegrate them into a past memory?

Are you ready to grow strong and step into the goddess energy of who you are?

Yes I'm ready!


4-Day Digital course


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Frequently Asked Questions

Don't worry a welcome kit is sent upon booking with all the details but here's a few answers to questions you may have.
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